Dana Vrajitoru

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In this paper we present an adaptive autonomous car pilot developed for the TORCS competition environment. This software provides a multi-track competition system where the user can control a car on several different circuits and compete against other pre-defined pilots. Our pilot is composed of several control units based on the input available within the(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) search for good solutions to a problem by operations inspired from the natural selection of living beings. Among their many uses, we can count information retrieval (IR). In this field, the aim of the GA is to help an IR system to find, in a huge documents text collection, a good reply to a query expressed by the user. The analysis(More)
Artificial intelligence models may be used to improve performance of information retrieval (IR) systems and the genetic algorithms (GAs) are an example of such a model. This paper presents an application of GAs as a relevance feedback method aiming to improve the document representation and indexing. In this particular form of GAs, various document(More)
This paper describes and evaluates a retrieval scheme combining the OKAPI probabilistic retrieval model with various vector-space schemes. In this study, each retrieval strategy represents both queries and documents using the same set of single terms; however they weight them differently. To combine these search schemes, we do not apply a given combination(More)
This paper describes and evaluates a retrieval model that considers the problem of data fusion and collection fusion as two faces of the same coin. To establish a clear theoretical foundation for combining various sources of evidence provided either by different search schemes (data fusion) or by distributed information services (collection fusion), we have(More)
Chatterbots are computer programs that simulate intelligent conversation. They make use of various techniques such as pattern matching, indexing, sentence reconstruction, and even natural language processing. In this paper we present an approach to chatterbots that mixes pattern matching with indexing and query matching methods inspired by information(More)