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To obtain estimates of the frequency of nosocomial infections nationwide, those occurring at the four major sites--urinary tract, surgical wound, lower respiratory tract and bloodstream--were diagnosed in a stratified random sample of 169,526 adult, general medical and surgical patients selected from 338 hospitals representative of the "mainstream" of U.S.(More)
With the emergence of nosocomial infections as a serious problem among US hospitals, the Center for Disease Control undertook in 1974 a nationwide study to evaluate approaches to infection control. The three-phased project, now known as the Study on the Efficacy of Nosocomial Infection Control, or SENIC Project, was designed with three primary objectives:(More)
Smokers requesting self-help materials for smoking cessation (N = 2,021) were randomized to receive (a) an experimental self-quitting guide emphasizing nicotine fading and other nonaversive behavioral strategies, (b) the same self-quitting guide with a support guide for the quitter's family and friends, (c) self-quitting and support guides along with four(More)
Population studies often estimate mammography use using women's self-reports. In one North Carolina county, we compared self-report surveys with a second method--counting mammograms per population--for 1987 and 1989. Estimates from self-reports (35% in 1987, 55% in 1989) were considerably higher than those from mammogram counts (20% in 1987, 36% in 1989).(More)
This article describes findings from interviews of parents targeted for outreach efforts that encouraged them to use Medicaid's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment(EPSDT) Program. Begun in the 1970s, the EPSDT program held out the promise of ensuring that needy children would receive comprehensive preventive care. With only one-third of(More)
Let there be given a random sample of observations on (X, Y, Z). Assume that any pair of observations may be classified as matched or not with respect to Z, and as concordant, discordant, or tied with respect to X and Y. Let N M be the total number of matched pairs, of which N C ' N D , and NT are the numbers concordant, discordant , and tied. Then an(More)
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BACKGROUND Despite the effectiveness of breast cancer screening for women older than 50 years of age, only about one third of these women in the United States receive annual mammography. PURPOSE This study was designed to determine if a community-wide intervention could increase use of mammography screening for breast cancer. Secondary end points were(More)
To measure the accuracy and consistency of a standardized method--retrospective chart review (RCR)--for estimating nosocomial infection rates (NIRs) in individual hospitals, the authors performed a series of pilot studies in four hospitals of different types. In comparison with a standard based on diagnoses made by physician-epidemiologists supervising(More)