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To determine the prevalence of major depression in cancer patients and assess the usefulness of the dexamethasone suppression test (DST) and the thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) stimulation test for diagnosing major depression in these patients, the authors studied 83 women hospitalized for gynecological cancer. Nineteen (23%) had major depression(More)
The effects of major depression on peripheral blood natural killer cell phenotypes and natural killer cell activity were studied by comparing depressed and normal control subjects. Depressed subjects exhibited (1) significant reductions in Leu-11 (CD16) natural killer effector cells and natural killer cell activity and (2) a dissociation of the normal(More)
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Smokers requesting self-help materials for smoking cessation (N = 2,021) were randomized to receive (a) an experimental self-quitting guide emphasizing nicotine fading and other nonaversive behavioral strategies, (b) the same self-quitting guide with a support guide for the quitter's family and friends, (c) self-quitting and support guides along with four(More)
Misclassification errors caused by imperfect sensitivity (U) and specificity (V) can affect statistical inferences in epidemiology. Such errors can lead to biases and increased standard errors in estimates of rates. Furthermore, low U and V can have a catastrophic effect on the power of a test to detect a change in rate, and, if U and V change even slightly(More)
We examined the statistical methods applied to research studies that used parallel-groups repeated measures designs. Sixty-three of the 343 articles that were published in four major psychiatry research journals during a 6-month period contained data of this type. Seven (11%) of the 63 articles applied a multivariate analysis of variance. Four (6%) used a(More)
We examined the utility of patient self-report forms in identifying those gynecologic oncology patients who would be diagnosed by an experienced consultation-liaison psychiatrist as suffering from major depression. Sixty-five women with gynecologic tumors were evaluated by a consultation-liaison psychiatrist, using standardized (DSM-III) criteria. Each(More)
A surveillance system is proposed to detect an increase in the mean of a Poisson distribution of cases of a disease. This system, called short memory (SM), is based on conditional binomial tests which are performed sequentially at fixed time intervals. The probability of rejection at each test defines the run length distribution which has a geometric tail.(More)
Major depression occurs in a significant number of cancer patients, and there is evidence that cancer patients with depression do not receive adequate antidepressant treatment. In an uncontrolled pilot study, the authors assess the degree of depression and the quality of life after the initiation of antidepressant medication treatment in 12 depressed cancer(More)