Dana Pavel

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People have an inherent need to capture and collect life memories such as moments with children or special events with friends. Capturing life memories is either spontaneous or planned. Memories are stored and frequently shared with other people. New internet services allow online sharing of photographs but they bypass the mobile aspect in capturing and(More)
— The burden on our healthcare systems is ever increasing with people living longer and requiring more support. Technologies can help ease the strain. One important aspect in health management is prevention enabled by self-monitoring and, eventually, self-understanding one's lifestyle through building supportive, interactive and engaging systems. This paper(More)
— As computing devices become more pervasive, our daily activities start generating a vast amount of information that could be exploited for helping us better understand ourselves. In this paper we present a system that uses easily available data correlated into a story-based representation aimed at providing users with a better understanding of their(More)