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Chemokines are important for activation of a host of cellular immune and inflammatory responses including cell signaling, activation, and communication. M-T7, a myxoma virus protein, inhibits the activity of chemokines by direct binding to chemokines and/or with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). To study the effects of this chemokine-modulating protein (CMP), we(More)
BACKGROUND Binding of chemokines to glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) is classically described as initiating inflammatory cell migration and creating tissue chemokine gradients that direct local leukocyte chemotaxis into damaged or transplanted tissues. While chemokine-receptor binding has been extensively studied during allograft transplantation, effects of(More)
1. Spent hens were slaughtered, hand deboned and then further processed into a surimi-like material, ayami, which was used to manufacture meatloaf and fresh sausage as value-added products. 2. Yields of deboned muscle and of ayami (% of deboned muscle) were 34.4 to 43.7% and 63.6%, respectively. 3. The ayami composition was: moisture 78.3%, ash 0.28%, fat(More)
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