Dana M. Osowiecki

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The process of psychological adjustment to breast cancer was examined at diagnosis and at 3- and 6-month follow-ups in a sample of 80 women with Stage I-Stage IV breast cancer. At diagnosis, symptoms of anxiety/depression were predicted by low dispositional optimism, and this path was partially mediated by use of emotion-focused disengagement coping.(More)
Previous research has shown that elderly adults often exhibit intact priming effects on visual implicit memory tests, but little is known about auditory priming and ageing. We examined priming effects on auditory stem-completion and filter identification tasks in older and younger adults. Young subjects showed more priming when speaker's voice was the same(More)
Appraisals of control, the use of problem- andemotion-focused coping strategies, and symptoms ofanxiety/depression were assessed in a sample of 83 adultcancer patients (mean age of 41.6 years) on average 10 weeks after their diagnosis.Anxiety/depression symptoms were related to patients'ratings of their use of problem-focused coping, but notto perceived(More)
Previous research has established that elderly adults can exhibit impaired memory for the source of newly acquired facts even when levels of fact recall in old and young do not differ. However, source memory impairments have been observed only under conditions of many-to-1 mapping: A large number of facts are related to either of 2 sources. It is thus(More)
Coping, perceived control, and symptoms ofanxiety/depression were assessed in 70 women with breastcancer near their diagnosis and at 3- and 6-monthfollow-ups. Multiple regression equations wereconstructed to investigate the effects of coping, perceivedcontrol, and their interaction on anxiety/depressionsymptoms. Problemfocused engagement coping was(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of neurocognitive and emotional distress and immune system dysfunction on quality of life in women with HIV. METHODS Thirty-six HIV-seropositive women were administered measures of mood status (Profile of Mood States), quality of life (Multidimensional Quality of Life Questionnaire for Persons(More)
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