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Polymer-mediated immunocamouflage of red blood cells: Effects of polymer size on antigenic and immunogenic recognition of allogeneic donor blood cells
The results of this study showed that antibody recognition of non-ABO antigens was significantly reduced in an mPEG-dose- and polymer size-dependent manner, with higher molecular weight mP EGs providing better immunoprotection.
Polymer-Mediated Broad Spectrum Antiviral Prophylaxis: Utility in High Risk Environments
The safe, low cost, low technology, and non-toxic bioengineering of the terminally differentiated nasal pharyngeal epithelial host cells may provide a radically new antiviral prophylactic approach that gives rise to a transient, broad-spectrum, prophYLaxis against virally transmitted respiratory infections.
Use of Flow Cytometry in the In Vitro and In Vivo Analysis of Tolerance/Anergy Induction by Immunocamouflage
This chapter demonstrates how flow cytometry is utilized to measure the induction of tolerance and/or anergy by polymer-mediated immunocamouflage using in vitro and in vivo models of allorecognition.