Dana L Allison

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Through sophisticated equipment has been used to determine nasal airway resistance (Rnaw), data must be interpreted cautiously because of the variability of procedures used to obtain the measures. The present investigation was designed to determine the effects of breathing versus a speech task, using a forward versus a resting tongue carriage, and the(More)
Ninety cases of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosed prior to the use of modern therapeutic regimens (1963-67) and 88 cases treated with such chemotherapy (1980-85) were studied using conventional morphology and flow cytometry. DNA aneuploidy as determined by flow cytometry was more common among high grade (38%) than low grade (19%) tumours (P less than 0.01).(More)
OBJECT Neoplastic meningitis (NM) is a debilitating and increasingly frequent neurological complication of cancer characterized by infiltration of tumor cells into the leptomeninges and the subarachnoid space. Although NM is rarely curable, combined intrathecal chemotherapy and focal radiation can improve disease-related symptoms and survival. Hydrocephalus(More)
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