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Bacon’s Brotherhood And Its Classical Sources: Producing And Communicating Knowledge In The Project Of The Great Instauration
The Brotherhood of Light: Solomon's house -- Secrets, knowledge and natural magic: the presentation of New Atlantis and its seventeenth century readers -- The Brotherhood of lights in the project ofExpand
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Bacon’s Apples: A Case Study in Baconian Experimentation
This chapter investigates a specific case of Baconian experimentation, that is, a series of controlled experimental trials Bacon undertook in order to study the processes of maturation andExpand
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Core Experiments, Natural Histories and the Art of experientia literata: the meaning of Baconian Experimentation
Experiment, as a new form of knowledge, was a Baconian creation. It was in Bacon’s project of Great Instauration and in Bacon’s reformed natural history that experiment and experimentation ceased toExpand
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Elements of natural history in Sidereus Nuncius
Scholars often saw 'Sidereus nuncius' as inaugurating a novel genre of scientific writing; one that mixes elements of astronomy and natural philosophy, mixed-mathematics and travel reports,Expand
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All alone in the Universe: Individuals in Descartes and Newton
In this paper we argue that the primary issue in Descartes' Principles of Philosophy, Part II, articles 1-40, is the problem of individuating bodies. We demonstrate that Descartes departs from theExpand
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International Workshop on the Historiography of Philosophy: Representations and Cultural Constructions 2012
which have shaped both the field of Baconian studies and the larger domain of early modern philosophy and early modern science. I especially address the issue of their persistence despite repeatedExpand
From natural history to early modern science: the case of Bacon's “histories”
Francis Bacon’s natural history has been a longstanding subject of debate among the historians of early modern philosophy. Both his claim that science (i.e. natural philosophy) should be build onExpand
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