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Sexual behaviour of adult male rats weaned prematurely--on day 15 after birth--and of males weaned at the optimal age--on day 28--was compared at two life periods: at the age of 90 days and when the males were one year old. Sexual behaviour was evaluated by means of three characteristics: a) sniffing behaviour, b) copulatory readiness, c) copulatory(More)
The present study evaluated long-term behavioral consequences of neonatal monosodium-l-glutamate (MSG) treatment in rats. The pups received MSG (3 mg/g sc) daily from postnatal day (PD) 5-12. Data from an automatic activity monitor showed that locomotion of MSG-treated females and males aged 56 and 84 days was significantly reduced. Beginning PD 120, three(More)
The effect of growth stimulators Carbadox and Cyadox was studied in laboratory rats and mice as exerted on their fertility, gravidity, embryo ontogenesis, and genetic efficacy of these drugs was also tested. In all tests one dose approaching the dose used in practice and multiple doses were administered. No antifertility effects were observed in either sex(More)
In a dominant-lethal assay in mice the following tricyclic neuroleptics were tested: prothiaden, imipramine, oxyprothepin decanoate and docloxythepin. No dominant-lethal effect was induced by these neuroleptics, even when administered at doses many times as great as clinical doses. The reduced percentages of pregnancies, in females who had copulated with(More)
The neuroleptic isofloxythepin was tested in a two-generation study in rats in oral doses of 0.1 mg base/kg and 1 mg base/kg. The substance was administered to male and female rats of each generation daily from the weaning onward till the conclusion of the study. The pups of two consecutive generations F0 and F1 were surveilled always in two litters. There(More)
The genetic effect of the cytostatic trichlormethine hydrochloride (TS-160 Spofa) was assessed after a 1-week administration using the dominant lethal mutation test (DLM) and the sperm abnormality test. The dosage was 0.5 mg/kg for 7 consecutive days, an equivalent of the human therapeutic dosage. Simultaneously, the cytostatic's direct toxic effect on male(More)
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