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Anaplasma marginale is an intraerythrocytic rickettsial pathogen of cattle in which infection persists for the life of the animal. Persistent A. marginale infection is characterized by repetitive rickettsemic cycles which we hypothesize reflect emergence of A. marginale antigenic variants. In this study, we determined whether variants of major surface(More)
Contemporary developments in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma offer possibilities for optimal control, but patients increasingly need to take on responsibilities for self care. Health professionals require comprehensive assessments of outcome that include data reflecting patients' perceptions of their disorder and its(More)
Anaplasma marginale is an ehrlichial pathogen of cattle, in the order Rickettsiales, that establishes persistent cyclic rickettsemia in the infected host. Within each rickettsemic cycle, A. marginale expressing antigenically variant major surface protein 2 (MSP2) emerge. By cloning 17 full-length msp2 transcripts expressed during cyclic rickettsemia, we(More)
Goats which have recovered from acute Anaplasma ovis infection remain seropositive, although infected erythrocytes cannot be detected by microscopic examination. Persistence of A. ovis 17 to 21 months following experimental infection was demonstrated by PCR detection of the msp-5 gene. Quantitative analysis of persistent rickettsemia over time showed that(More)
beta-Haemolytic, catalase-positive, Gram-positive cocci that formed chains in broth media but did not react with Lancefield group antisera were isolated from skin lesions, spleen, liver and lungs of nine opossums, including eight from a research colony and one from a wildlife rehabilitation organization. The isolates had vigorous catalase activity that was(More)
Antigenic variants of Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 2 (MSP-2), a target of protective immune responses, have been detected by use of copy-specific monoclonal antibodies reactive with some, but not all, organisms during acute rickettsemia. The presence of polymorphic msp-2 genes was confirmed by cloning and sequencing two gene copies, 11.2 and(More)
Studies concerned with medication compliance after initial prescription dispensing have been frequently cited in the literature; however, little research has been done on the initial filling of the prescription order. In order to ascertain the degree of compliance at the initial filling level, a study was carried out on a population associated with a(More)