Dana Drštková

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In many animal species, geomagnetic compass sensitivity has been demonstrated to depend on spectral composition of light to which moving animals are exposed. Besides a loss of magnetic orientation, cases of a shift in the compass direction by 90° following a change in the colour of light have also been described. This hitherto unclear phenomenon can be(More)
Animals that guide directions of their locomotion or their migration routes by the lines of the geomagnetic field use either polarity or inclination compasses to determine the field polarity (the north or south direction). Distinguishing the two compass types is a guideline for estimation of the molecular principle of reception and has been achieved for a(More)
Neither a mode of function nor an exact anatomical localisation of the animal magnetoreceptor have been identified in any organism. Insects' antennae are organs specialized as unique neural input structures for a number of sensory modalities and have also been suggested to play a certain role in magnetoreception. In the present study, we used the American(More)
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