Dana Alonzo

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OBJECTIVE The relationship of religion and schizophrenia is widely acknowledged, but often minimized by practitioners and under investigated by researchers. In striving to help fill this gap, this paper focuses on examining four aims: 1) how research has investigated the association between religiosity and schizophrenia; 2) how is religiosity associated(More)
The influences of parental divorce and alcohol abuse on adult offspring lifetime suicide attempt have not been examined in national data. This study analyzed data from the 2001-2002 NESARC to estimate main and interaction effects of parental divorce and alcohol abuse on lifetime suicide attempt. Adjusted for controls, parental divorce and parental alcohol(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychosocial treatments that address the unique needs of mothers with schizophrenia and their children are sorely lacking. In striving to explore and understand treatment of maternal schizophrenia, this paper focuses on two objectives: 1) to identify and examine specialty psychosocial interventions for parents, notably mothers with schizophrenia(More)
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