Dana Aeschliman

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Microbial genes that are "novel" (no detectable homologs in other species) have become of increasing interest as environmental sampling suggests that there are many more such novel genes in yet-to-be-cultured microorganisms. By analyzing known microbial genomic islands and prophages, we developed criteria for systematic identification of putative genomic(More)
A number of microarray analysis software packages exist already; however, none combines the user-friendly features of a web-based interface with potential ability to analyse multiple arrays at once using flexible analysis steps. The ArrayPipe web server (freely available at www.pathogenomics.ca/arraypipe) allows the automated application of complex analyses(More)
The apical shoot drives the yearly new stem growth of conifer trees, is the primary site for the establishment of chemical and physical defences, and is important in establishing subsequent perennial growth. This organ presents an interesting developmental system, with growth and development progressing from a meristematic tip through development of a(More)
  • Abd Allah, A T Borchardt, D B Wanas, M Qa, S N Thompson, Abedi-Valugerdi +9 others
  • 2006
Efficacy of papaw sublimate for detoxication in chronic lead intoxication. AU-KRASNJUK EP. A qualitative 31P NMR investigation on the effects of exposure to lead, cadmium, or mercury on the energetic status of the pulmonate gastropod, Biomphalaria glabrata (Say).induced anti-nucleolar autoantibodies can transgress the membrane of living cells in vivo and in(More)
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