Dana A. Thomsen

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Postnatal myofibre characteristics and muscle mass are largely determined during fetal development and may be significantly affected by epigenetic parent-of-origin effects. However, data on such effects in prenatal muscle development that could help understand unexplained variation in postnatal muscle traits are lacking. In a bovine model we studied effects(More)
Studies on Coding Region Determinant-Binding Protein (CRD-BP) and its orthologs have confirmed their functional role in mRNA stability and localization. CRD-BP is present in extremely low levels in normal adult tissues, but it is over-expressed in many types of aggressive human cancers and in neonatal tissues. Although the exact role of CRD-BP in tumour(More)
Parent-of-origin-dependent (epi)genetic factors are important determinants of prenatal development that program adult phenotype. However, data on magnitude and specificity of maternal and paternal genome effects on fetal bone are lacking. We used an outbred bovine model to dissect and quantify effects of parental genomes, fetal sex, and nongenetic maternal(More)
Field plots were used to assess the restoration potential of three salt marsh species, Juncus maritimus, Leptocarpus similis and Schoenoplectus pungens, within an established salt marsh near Christchurch, New Zealand. A split-block design was used to asses the effects of soil type, (soil from a proposed marsh construction site or estuarine mud from a(More)
Vanadium oxoanions are known to have a variety of physiological effects including insulin-like activity, inhibition of phosphotyrosine phosphatases, as well as direct interactions with a variety of cellular proteins, such as microtubules. In this study, vanadate was found to form insoluble complexes with histones, as well as other positively charged(More)
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