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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Mutations in DNA repair system are related to carcinogenesis. This study was to evaluate the correlations of polymorphisms and haplotypes of XPD gene with individual susceptibility to gastric cancer. METHODS Genomic DNA were extracted from peripheral blood leukocytes of 207 gastric cancer patients and 212 healthy controls.(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe therapeutic effect of "reducing south and reinforcing north" needling method on hypertension of type of yang-hyperactivity due to yin-deficiency, METHODS Ninety cases of hypertension were randomly divided into a treatment group (n=59) treated with "reducing south and reinforcing north" needling method, and a control group (n=31)(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the clinical effect of three TCM therapeutic methods, Yiqi (YQ, supplementing Qi), Huoxue (HX, activating blood circulation) and Yiqi Huoxue (YQHX) method on congestive heart failure and heart function. METHODS Eighty patients were divided into 3 groups randomly, they were treated by conventional therapy and with the additional TCM(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical effect of Tianhuang Huoxue Tongluo Decoction (THTD) in treating acute hemorrhagic stroke. METHODS Seventy-two patients were randomly divided into the treated group (n = 32) and the control group (n = 40), they were treated with conventional Western medicine treatment and to the patients in the treated group, THTD was(More)
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