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Magnesium (Mg2+) is abundant in plant cells and plays a critical role in many physiological processes. A 10-member gene family AtMGT (also known as AtMRS2) was identified in Arabidopsis, which belongs to a eukaryote subset of the CorA superfamily, functioning as Mg2+ transporters. Some family members (AtMGT1 and AtMGT10) function as high-affinity Mg2+(More)
Magnesium (Mg(2+)) is one of the essential cations in all cells. Although the Mg(2+) transport mechanism has been well-documented in bacteria, less is known about Mg(2+) transporters in eukaryotes. The AtMGT gene family encoding putative magnesium transport proteins had been described previously. We report here that one of the Arabidopsis MGT family(More)
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