Dan-dan Guan

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OBJECTIVE To report our primary experience with immediate breast reconstruction using laparoscopically harvested omental flap after breast-conserving surgery. The safety, feasibility, and clinical effect are also evaluated. METHODS From Jun. 2010 to Jan. 2011, 5 cases who underwent immediate breast reconstruction using laparoscopically harvested omental(More)
Following the first experimental realization of graphene, other ultrathin materials with unprecedented electronic properties have been explored, with particular attention given to the heavy group-IV elements Si, Ge and Sn. Two-dimensional buckled Si-based silicene has been recently realized by molecular beam epitaxy growth, whereas Ge-based germanene was(More)
Recently, theory has predicted a Majorana zero mode (MZM) to induce spin selective Andreev reflection (SSAR), a novel magnetic property which can be used to detect the MZM. Here, spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy or spectroscopy has been applied to probe SSAR of MZMs in a topological superconductor of the Bi_{2}Te_{3}/NbSe_{2} heterostructure.(More)
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