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Rats were treated with kainic acid (KA) i.v. to produce increasingly severe limbic seizures that were monitored with a behavioral rating scale. At various times after the induction of seizures, the animals; blood-brain barriers (B-BB) were studied with alpha-[14C]aminoisobutyric acid ([14C]AIBA) autoradiography. Using optical density ratios, a coefficient(More)
Because available evidence suggests that alterations in the serotonergic as well as dopaminergic tones underlie hallucinatory activity, we decided to investigate whether serotonin and dopamine pathways are modified in alcoholics with a history of hallucinosis. Brain serotonin has been shown to depend on the plasma ratio of its precursor tryptophan over(More)
Although an association of psychiatric symptoms with vitamin B12 deficiency is well accepted, the incidence and nature of these symptoms is not established. To help illuminate the natural history of this illness we review the literature regarding psychopathology associated with B12 deficiency and examine 15 cases, including one of our own, that meet(More)
This paper describes the effect of a preschool hygiene intervention program on psychosocial measures of educators regarding handwashing and communicable pediatric disease. A cluster-randomized trial, with randomization at the level of the preschool, was run in 40 Jerusalem preschool classrooms. Eighty preschool educators participated. The program used a(More)
Twenty patients with panic attacks and ten controls were given a standardised interview about thoughts occurring during times of anxiety or panic attacks. The interviewer was blind to the subject's diagnosis. The 20 panic patients underwent a psychophysiological test battery which included a cold pressor test, mental arithmetic task, and 5.5% CO2(More)
UNLABELLED 1. This study was undertaken to evaluate the relationship between clinical aspects of primary degenerative dementia and suppression or non-suppression in the dexamethasone suppression test. 2. We studied 34 male patients with primary degenerative dementia (as diagnosed by DSM-III criteria). Dexamethasone 1 mg p.o. was administered at 11:00 PM and(More)