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The medical records of 155 dogs with patellar luxation (PL) from three different centres were analysed. Each case was classified according to the nature of its luxation and any concurrent orthopaedic conditions plus the age at diagnosis were also noted. Measurements relating to angle of inclination (AOI) of the femoral neck and medio-lateral bowing of the(More)
Natural and anthropogenic disturbances may fragment stony reef corals, but few quantitative data exist on the impacts of skeletal fragmentation on sexual reproduction in corals. We experimentally fragmented colonies of the branching coral Pocillopora damicornis and determined the number and size of planula larvae released during one lunar reproductive(More)
Successful reconstruction of free flaps is dependent on the atency of the microvascular anastomoses.1,2 The best opporunity to salvage a flap is by early recognition of compromised erfusion and emergency revascularisation.3 There are many ays of monitoring flaps, from simple bedside checks colour, refill, temperature), to more elaborate mechanisms cutaneous(More)
From the middle of the 70’s until 1992, the percentage of employees promoted each year increased rapidly, in response to the high rates of inflation which would have led to large erosions of the nominal wage increases determined by the collective agreements. As the rate of inflation declined after 1985, the rate of promotion started to decline, too, but so(More)
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