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In this paper, a new corner detector is proposed based on evolution difference of scale pace, which can well reflect the change of the domination feature between the evolved curves. In Gaussian scale space we use Difference of Gaussian (DoG) to represent these scale evolution differences of planar curves and the response function of the corners is defined(More)
An efficient and novel technique is developed for detecting and localizing corners of planar curves. This paper discusses the gradient feature distribution of planar curves and constructs gradient correlation matrices (GCMs) over the region of support (ROS) of these planar curves. It is shown that the eigen-structure and determinant of the GCMs encode the(More)
Very large online music databases have recently been created by vendors, but they generally lack content-based retrieval methods. One exception is Allmusic.com which offers browsing by musical emotion, using human experts to classify several thousand songs into 183 moods. In this paper, machine learning techniques are used instead of human experts to(More)
Data mining over large data-sets is important due to its obvious commercial potential, However, it is also a major challenge due to its computational complexity. Exploiting the inherent parallelism of data mining algorithms provides a direct solution by utilising the large data retrieval and processing power of parallel architectures. In this paper, we(More)