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BACKGROUND MALAT-1 is significantly overexpressed in various cancers, suggesting that it might be a potential biomarker of cancer. METHODS A meta-analysis was performed using microarray data obtained via the Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 platform found in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database and data obtained through a systematic search of(More)
WTF-B, a type of water-soluble homogeneous polysaccharide, was isolated and purified from Tremella Fuciformis. To investigate the radioprotective effect of WTF-B, we employed a 30-day survival assay. Mice were treated with WTF-B once per day for three consecutive days before 8-Gy gamma irradiation. The treatment groups receiving 54 and 72 mg/kg body weight(More)
More attention was paid to the anti-tumor activity of Rhizoma Paridis (RP) recently, of which the wild resource was decreased significantly. This study was aimed to elucidate the chemical characteristics of Paris fargesii var. brevipetala (PFB) that may be administrated as alternate resource of legal RP. A HPLC-ELSD method was established to characterize(More)
Polygalasaponins are the major active constituents of Polygala tenuifolia exhibiting antiamnesic activity, but their applications are limited due to their toxicities. Evidence showed that the toxicities can be attenuated by hydrolysis. Herein, effects of a hydrolysate of polygalasaponins (HPS) on cognitive impairment induced by Aβ(25-35) were assessed by(More)
Creating novel biosynthetic pathways and modulating the synthesis of important compounds are one of the hallmarks of synthetic biology. Understanding the key parameters controlling the flux of chemicals throughout a metabolic pathway is one of the challenges ahead. Isoprenoids are the most functionally and structurally diverse group of natural products from(More)
BACKGROUND The functional state of vasculature is tightly controlled by vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (VEGFR-2). Recent studies revealed that VEGFR-2 is expressed on hair follicle keratinocytes. OBJECTIVE We proposed to investigate its effect on proliferation, adhesion and migration of cultured human outer root sheath cells from central(More)
Rhizoma paridis is widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of cancers. Steroidal saponins, including diosgenyl saponins and the characterized component pennogenyl saponins, are regarded as the main active components of R. paridis. To date, quite a bit of research has been published which attempt to explore the in vivo anticancer(More)
An in-depth investigation on the ultrasonic decomposition of Carbamazepine (CBZ), one of the most regularly identified drugs in the environment, was conducted. The effects of diverse variables were evaluated, such as frequency, power, solution pH, initial CBZ concentration and varied inorganic anions. Reaction order was determined on the basis of analyzing(More)
G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are found in a wide range of organisms and are central to a cellular signaling network that regulates many basic physiological processes. GPCRs are the focus of a significant amount of current pharmaceutical research because they play a key role in many diseases. In this paper, we predict the functional nonsynonymous(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular adaptions, such as cardiac and uterine spiral arterial remodeling, and aortic arterial stiffening during pregnancy have been extensively investigated, while the interactions between the elastic artery and the left ventricle are poorly understood. This study was to evaluate the cardiac-arterial coupling in both normal pregnancy and(More)