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The Hardware Trojans act as a new malicious attack for the underlying hardware, the research of method based on side-channel analysis become one of important contents for information security. But the method of Hardware Trojans detection based on side-channel analysis easily been affected by noise, and its detection model has low precision. This article(More)
  • Y Koren, R M Bell, +84 authors Distributed
  • 2016
" Factorbird-a parameter server approach to distributed matrix factorization, " in NIPS Workshop on Distributed Matrix Computations, 2014. A fast parallel SGD for matrix factorization in shared memory systems, NOMAD: Non-locking, stochastic multi-machine algorithm for asynchronous and decentralized matrix completion, " in VLDB, " Scalable coordinate descent(More)
Fully homomorphic is an encryption scheme that allows for data to be stored and processed in an encrypted format, which gives the cloud provider a solution to host and process data without even knowing what the message is. In previous identity-based homomorphic encryption scheme, computing efficiency is complicated and expensive. In this work, based on(More)
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