Dan X. Houston

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Process simulation has become a powerful technology in support of software project management and process improvement over the past decades. This research, inspired by the Impact Project, intends to investigate the technology transfer of software process simulation to the use in industrial settings, and further identify the best practices to release its(More)
Staff attrition is a problem often faced by software development organizations. How can a manager plan for the risk of losses due to attrition? Can policies for this purpose be formulated to address his/her specific organization and project? Proposed was to use a software development process simulator tuned to the specific organization, for running(More)
The young field of software process simulation was born out of research that stimulated the imagination of many researchers who created a vision for addressing "the software problem." Though the vision has yet to be realized widely, the need for the field is growing and benefits are being seen slowly. Opportunity for continued growth of this field lies in(More)
A systems engineering process model for the acquisition of large, complex systems for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is being adapted for ongoing experiments in acquisition process policies. The discrete-event simulation model of the larger "enterprise of acquisition" for weapon systems has a broad scope from program beginning through development. It(More)