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Ten scientific organizations formed a joint international committee to provide expert recommendations for clinical pathology testing of laboratory animal species used in regulated toxicity and safety studies. For repeated-dose studies in rodent species, clinical pathology testing is necessary at study termination. Interim study testing may not be necessary(More)
This paper explores the material turn in sociology and the tools it provides for understanding organizational problems highlighted by the Royal Commission into the 2009 'Black Saturday' bushfires during which 173 people died in the Australian State of Victoria. Often inspired by Bruno Latour's material-semiotic sociology of associations, organization(More)
The potential of a series of related compounds to induce haemolytic anaemia in dogs highlighted the need for a reliable and sensitive technique to identify changes in plasma haptoglobin concentration. An indirect method established for human samples was adapted for use with canine plasma. This method measures the haemoglobin binding capacity of plasma,(More)
Kinetic studies for choline-O-acetyltransferase (CAT) (E.C. and acetylcholinesterase (E.C. were performed on serum, skin fibroblasts in culture, and biopsied sartorius muscle from normal and myasthenic subjects. There was a significant decrease of CAT activity per milligram of protein in myasthenic muscle compared to normal muscle, and(More)
Investigations into the stress response of patients committed to a special hospital for criminally deviant offences have identified a group of sympathetically hypoactive patients who excrete more noradrenaline and less adrenaline in the urine than either the remaining hospital population or control subjects, during conditions of stresser anticipation.(More)