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The Role of Smartphones in Mediating the Touristic Experience
Mobile phones have evolved to be smart computers (smartphones) supporting a wide range of information services that can be accessed anytime and from (almost) anywhere. With the increasing number of
Smartphone Use in Everyday Life and Travel
The smartphone penetrates many facets of everyday life, including travel. As such, this article argues that since travel can be considered a special stage of technology use, understanding how the
Adapting to the Internet
The influence of the Internet on our social and economic life is well documented. However, few studies have been conducted to assess how travelers have adapted to the Internet over time. Using a
Transforming the Travel Experience: The Use of Smartphones for Travel
The results indicate that the use of smartphones can significantly transform the travel experience by changing travel planning, constructing and destructing one’s sense of tourism, and reconfiguring the relationships among tourists, places, and others.