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Early fruit development in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) proceeds from two distinct phases of growth, essentially cell division and cell expansion. In this study, we investigated the expression characteristics of the key cell-cycle regulators, mitotic and G1 cyclins, during tomato fruit development. We isolated six genes designated Lyces;CycA1;1,(More)
It is generally assumed that declining atmospheric lead concentrations in urban centers during the 1970s and 1980s were due almost entirely to the progressive introduction of unleaded gasoline. However, most environmental data are from monitoring programs that began only two to three decades ago, which limits their usefulness. Here, trace metal and(More)
Osteocytes undergo apoptosis to spatially and temporally initiate bone remodeling. This study investigates the distribution of apoptotic osteocytes within different quadrants and regions of cortical bone and compares the frequency of osteocyte apoptosis to regional factors associated with bone remodeling. Specifically, the quantity of apoptosis was compared(More)
Soot black carbon (here expressed as GBC) is present in sediments of Central Park and Prospect Park Lakes, New York City (NYC), and peaks in the middle of the 20th Century at the highest values (1-3% dry weight) ever reported in urban lakes. During that period (approximately 1940-1970), the GBC represents up to 28% of the total organic carbon (OC).(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes and its related complications and comorbidities (C&Cs) represent a significant and increasing healthcare burden. Absence of a systematic manner to evaluate value propositions of technologies from various stakeholders' perspectives impedes the best uses of current and emerging technologies. METHODS A system dynamics methodology was used(More)
Prior to joining Cal Poly, he worked for General Dynamics and for Coulter Cmtin Matheson. His research interests include joinability, microbiologically influenced conosion, fundamental stmcture prope1ty interactions, fmmability, fail me analysis, dynamic the1mo-mechanical analysis, material inte1faces, systems modeling, and the development of educational(More)
Sclerostin, a protein coded for by the SOST gene, is an osteocyte-expressed negative regulator of bone formation. The absence of SOST in the genome may have an effect on bone formation both during skeletal maturation and full maturity. This study attempts to determine significant differences in the mechanical properties of bone that expresses SOST compared(More)
Changes: This syllabus may be updated over the semester. The most recent version can always be found at Obtaining these papers: All of these papers are available from the CSci555 web syllabus (see URL above) in PDF format. Because they are copyrighted they are available only for classroom use. The papers on the web site are password protected to inforce(More)