Dan W. Patterson

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• I. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? • II. What are Expert Systems (ES)? ◦ Functional Components ◦ Structural Components • III. How do People Reason? • IV. How do Computers Reason? ◦ IV-1. Frames ◦ IV-2. Rule Based Reasoning ◾ IV-2a. Knowledge Engineering ◦ IV-3. Case-Based Reasoning ◦ IV-4. Neural Networks • V. Advantages and Disadvantages • VI.(More)
Protecting a high performance radiation hardened by design (RHBD) cache from single-event transient (SET) induced peripheral circuit errors is presented. Cache memory holds processor architectural state and peripheral errors can cause incorrect operations that affect entire data words, including parity. Thus, a periphery circuit, e.g., word-line, error can(More)
Knowledge Based System is an application program that makes decision or solves problem in particular fields such as Finance, Medicine, Agriculture etc. , by using knowledge and analytical rules defined by Experts in particular fields. Knowledge Based System is often called as Rule Based Expert System. This paper deals with the research work where an attempt(More)
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