Dan W. Elliott

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Of 460 cases of colon cancer treated between 1972 and 1976, 24 were unusual. These patients required en bloc resection of the colon with one or more adjacent organs for dense adhesions between the colon and these organs. In 66% of the cases these adhesions represented microscopic tumor invasion. Lymph nodes were positive for disease, stage C-3, in only four(More)
We report follow-up findings after two to almost four years on 100 patients who were described in a previously published prospective randomized series. Horizontally stapled gastric partition (gastroplasty) was compared with gastric exclusion (bypass) using a Roux-en-Y jejunal loop. An additional 142 patients had the identical operative procedures performed(More)
Clostridium septicum is a virulent cause of gas gangrene and sepsis. Although thought to be rare, a survey of our affiliated hospitals for a recent five-year period disclosed eight cases. Seven of the eight had an occult malignant neoplasm. The eighth patient was thought to be preleukemic. All seven malignant neoplasms involved the gastrointestinal tract.(More)
No scientific journal survives without excellent peer review, and The American Journal of Digestive Diseases is no exception. Indeed, the uncertainties of a new Editorial Office make the reliance on reviewers even greater. Often criticized by authors, occasionally even prodded by Editors, most reviewers receive little praise. Our reviewers have provided us(More)