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In this, the final paper in the recent series on the new twin-tori model of cosmology, the model is developed in a logical way. Its historical development is included, and what follows is a statement of the central axioms of the theory. The reasons for them are described and their use in the theory is shown. What then follows is a brief description of the(More)
Novum for cosmology, astrophysics and dark matter-projects. Abstract. A new surface energy-value for dark matter is calculated, derivated from a perspective of a " higher order universe ". A universe of dark energy, dark-and visible matter, and a dark energy force. A fundamental connection between dark matter and visible matter is related to dark energy(More)
Particularly this paper announces dark energy could be measured as a cosmic backround (CMB)-frame related to a specific quantumstate of dark energy and dark matter conform a double torus cosmology (TTM). In addition this paper also refers to a planned dark energy interferometer-project expected to be operational in 2014 [8]. Both aspects can be combined in(More)
A new cosmological model, named the Twin-Tori Model (TTM) [1] , postulates a dark energy force F de , which empowers the dynamic of a lower order universe, well known as the big bang. In this paper I introduce the 1 st derivative F' de of this dark energy force to reveal deeper properties of the TTM, such as: why quantummechanics exists in the big bang, why(More)
In this paper formulations and calculations are exposed for a new paradigm of dark matter. Dark matter does not exists of solid particles. Dark matter exists of 'faster time-cells' than standard-time-based-on-light-speed. These 'cells' may sometimes give high-energetic particles, such as e.g. neutrinos, a velocity-gain, which can violate the light-speed in(More)
Fly-By-and GPS-satellites reveal an earth-dark matter-halo is affecting the orbit-velocities of satellites. After analysis by a new set of equations, which describe dark matter, dark matter-force and quantum-gravity combined in a new dark energy force-formula, the new formulations match a percentage whereof satellites feel extra gravity. Also the dark(More)
Three new cosmological models are 'circling' the science-community: a 'Bouncing Universe', a 'Conformal Cyclic Cosmology and a 'Double Torus Cosmology'. All new ideas, commented anonymously and discussed institutionally. This paper wants more cosmologists and physicists to involve the discussion openly in the media, without walking save roads. The authors(More)