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Isolated sphenoid sinusitis is a rare, potentially destructive entity. Presenting symptoms are often vague and non-specific therefore the diagnosis is made late when complications have had already occurred. The most frequent complications of sinusitis are the neurological ones--being serious life--threatening conditions. We report a case of isolate right(More)
The diagnosis of hearing loss with an intact eardrum frequently requires an entire battery of hearing tests, without the guarantee of an exact diagnosis. The techniques frequently provide only orientation for it, without establishing the site of the lesion and the etiology of the hearing loss. Laser Doppler vibrometry is a new technique, which has recently(More)
The aim of this study is to asses the average age of diagnosis of congenital hearing loss in children up to 5 years old. A group of 48 children aged between 1-5 years old were admitted in our clinic in 2005 because of hearing impairment, noticed in most cases by their parents. All cases were investigated in our clinic by transient evoked oto-acoustic(More)
UNLABELLED Nowadays. cochelar implant is the only choice of treatment in deep bilateral deafness. AIM To evaluate the benefits of binaural implantation of a single receiver-stimulator device by using audiometric tests at 3 and 6 months intervals. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 3 patients with bilateral sensorineural deafness of cochlear origin.(More)
In the laryngeal surgical pathology area, the application of a cannula with temporary or long term indications is necessary for ensuring the respiratory function troubled by various causes (inflammatory, tumor or traumatic) that obstruction the respiratory tract. The most frequently used standard cannula is rigid and does not show proper adaptation for(More)
This paper presents our Cochlear Implant Departments results from the beginning until present time. Our implant list contains 161 candidates. The enlisted was made based on the criteria's for implant candidates' selection and we have implanted already 17 of them (11 children and 6 adults). Surgical interventions were done according to standard procedure -(More)