Dan Thompson

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OBJECTIVE To develop a guideline to help guide healthcare professionals participate effectively in the design, construction, and occupancy of a new or renovated intensive care unit. PARTICIPANTS A group of multidisciplinary professionals, designers, and architects with expertise in critical care, under the direction of the American College of Critical(More)
Let (X, d) be a compact metric space, f : X → X be a continuous map with the specification property, and ϕ : X → R be a continuous function. We prove a variational principle for topological pressure (in the sense of Pesin and Pitskel) for non-compact sets of the form (x ∈ X : lim n→∞ 1 n n−1 X i=0 ϕ(f i (x)) = α). Analogous results were previously known for(More)
A lentivirus has been isolated from a Finnish ewe with ovine progressive pneumonia in a closed upstate New York flock. We demonstrated that the virus, designated ovine lentivirus strain CU1 (OLV-CU1), is biologically, biochemically and molecularly related to, but distinct from, previously described sheep and goat lentiviruses. Nine of 32 ewes (from the(More)
[1] The surface pattern of vegetation influences the composition and humification of peat laid down during the development of a bog, producing a subsurface hydrological structure that is expected to affect both the rate and pattern of water flow. Subsurface peat structures are routinely derived from the inspection of peat cores. However, logistical limits(More)
FPGA capacity is quickly outpacing designer's productivity and limiting the ability to exploit FPGA processing resources. Model-based synthesis, where a high level behavioral model is used for fast design iteration, which is then synthesizable directly into FPGA object code has been proposed as a solution. Several orders of magnitude difference in(More)
A young person presents with a highly malignant brain tumour with hemiparesis and limited prognosis after resection. She then suffers an iatrogenic cardiac and respiratory arrest that results in profound anoxic encephalopathy. A difference in opinion between the treatment team and the parent is based on a question of futile therapy. Opinions from five(More)