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In Florida, a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-funded initiative of the Florida Department of Health has targeted socio-economically disadvantaged women for breast and cervical cancer screening. Since 1995, over 12,000 women aged 50–64, within 200% of the federally defined poverty level, with no health insurance, and living in metropolitan(More)
BACKGROUND After markedly decreasing for 3 years, HIV/AIDS mortality declined only slightly in 1999. METHODS The authors conducted a case-control study in four Florida urban public health HIV clinics to evaluate modifiable factors associated with HIV/AIDS mortality in a non-research setting. Structured chart review was conducted for 120 case-patients who(More)
We constructed and characterized a plasmid-based genetic system that reports the expression of a toluene-responsive promoter (PtbuA1) by effecting an irreversible, heritable change in the biosensor cell. Expression of the reporter gene gfp is strongly repressed in the absence of expression from the PtbuA1 promoter, and high level gfp expression in the(More)
Viroids replicate through a rolling circle mechanism that is exclusively RNA dependent. In this study, we initially revisited the determination of the replication initiation sites of peach latent mosaic viroid (PLMVd). A universal initiation site for each of the PLMVd polarities (position A50/C51 and U284 for the plus and minus strands, respectively) that(More)
Let (X, d) be a compact metric space, f : X → X be a continuous map with the specification property, and ϕ : X → R be a continuous function. We prove a variational principle for topological pressure (in the sense of Pesin and Pitskel) for non-compact sets of the form (x ∈ X : lim n→∞ 1 n n−1 X i=0 ϕ(f i (x)) = α). Analogous results were previously known for(More)
[1] The surface pattern of vegetation influences the composition and humification of peat laid down during the development of a bog, producing a subsurface hydrological structure that is expected to affect both the rate and pattern of water flow. Subsurface peat structures are routinely derived from the inspection of peat cores. However, logistical limits(More)
FPGA capacity is quickly outpacing designer's productivity and limiting the ability to exploit FPGA processing resources. Model-based synthesis, where a high level behavioral model is used for fast design iteration, which is then synthesizable directly into FPGA object code has been proposed as a solution. Several orders of magnitude difference in(More)