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Barrier coverage is an important problem for sensor networks to fulfill some given sensing tasks. Barrier coverage guarantees the detection of events happened crossing a barrier of sensors. In majority study of barrier coverage using sensor networks, sensors are assumed to have an isotropic sensing model. However, in many applications such as monitoring an(More)
Barrier coverage guarantees to detect any intruder attempting to cross the barrier of sensor networks. In the majority of studies on barrier coverage using wireless sensor networks, sensors are assumed to have an isotropic sensing model. However, in certain applications like monitoring a region using video cameras, the sensors have directional sensing(More)
Complicated multimedia sensor networks pose several theoretic and technical challenges. These challenges center on cooperative work supported by sensor networks. This paper presents, with the aid of previous works on CSCW, a novel conception - sensor networks supported cooperative work (SNSCW). First, we classify the cooperative work supported by sensor(More)
Histone acetylation is associated with transcriptional activation of many genes. However, the role of acetylation in transcriptional regulation of heat shock protein genes (hsp) still remains an obscure issue. Here we examined the effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDIs), trichostatin A, and sodium butyrate, on changes in acetylation level of core(More)
In this paper, we explore the area coverage optimization problem by directional sensors with tunable sensing orientations. We firstly introduce the concept of "sensing centroid", which is the geometric center of a sensing sector to simplify the pending problem. Particularly, we regard "sensing centroid" as artificial fish (AF), and search an optimal(More)
In this study, we analyzed the genetic profiles of squamous cell lung carcinoma (SqCLC) to identify potential therapeutic targets. Approximately 2,800 COSMIC mutations from 50 genes were determined by next-generation sequencing. Amplification/deletion of SOX2, CDKN2A, PTEN, FGFR1, EGFR, CCND1, HER2 and PDGFRA were detected by FISH and expression of VEGFR2,(More)
Attacks against web-based applications is one of the most serious network security threats. At present, web-based attacks are so complex that single detection method is unable to cope with the emerging attacks. Motivated by this, we efficiently merge both misuse detection and anomaly detection, and propose a hybrid model for web log intrusion detection.(More)