Dan Summers

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We subject to periodic forcing the classical Volterra predator-prey ecosystem model, which in its unforced state has a globally stable focus as its equilibrium. The periodic forcing is effected by assuming a periodic variation in the intrinsic growth rate of the prey. In nondimensional form the forced system contains four control parameters, including the(More)
We analyze a disturbed form of the general Lotka-Volterra model of an ecosystem with m interacting species. The disturbances act on the intrinsic growth rates of the species and are assumed to be bounded but otherwise unknown. We employ a Lyapunov technique and the concept of "reachable set" from control theory to estimate the set of all possible population(More)
INTRODUCTION Since almost all industrial scale columns are round, the side downcomers present unique challenges for liquid distribution both to and from the downcomers. Liquid leaving these downcomers needs to spread outwardly, away from the flow path centerline, in order to evenly feed the diverging tray active area. Also, one of the characteristics of(More)
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