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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcomes and playing status of professional hockey players 4 years after they underwent bilateral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of asymptomatic hips. METHODS Twenty-one professional hockey players with no previous hip/groin pain underwent hip/pelvis MRI. Each MRI study was evaluated by 3(More)
The spectral radiance L A (A) of a low current argon arc (current: 10 A, power requirement: 1.5 kW, pressure: 1.2 bar, gas: A) has been calibrated with a relative uncertainty of 5% in the wavelength range between 125 nm and 335 nm by means of the electron synchrotron radiation of DESY (Hamburg, Germany). exceeds generally the spectral radiance of the carbon(More)
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The BRV-continuum source was investigated for its potential use as a radiometric transfer standard in the wavelength region from 40 to 600 nm. Variations of the spectral radiance from one pulse to the other up to a factor of 3 are possible, but the mean value of more than 15 pulses in general is reproducible within 15%. The time-integrated spectral radiance(More)
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