Dan Stein

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We describe a model for multiple threads of control within a single UNIX process. The main goals are to provide extremely lightweight threads and to rationalize and extend the UNIX Application Programming Interface for a multi-threaded environment. The threads are intended to be sufficiently lightweight so that there can be thousands present and that(More)
We describe an implementation of a threads library that provides extremely lightweight threads within a single UNIX process while allowing fully concurrent access to system resources. The threads are lightweight enough so that they can be created quickly, there can be thousands present, and synchronization can be accomplished rapidly. These goals are(More)
PURPOSE To determine if diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of the median nerve could allow identification of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 13 healthy subjects and 9 CTS patients were scanned on a 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. The MRI protocol included a DTI sequence from which the fractional(More)
  • Jacqueline Hoare, Jean-Paul Fouche, Bruce Spottiswoode, Kirsty Donald, Nicole Philipps, Heidre Bezuidenhout +8 others
  • 2012
There are few neuropsychological or neuroimaging studies of HIV-positive children with “slow progression”. “Slow progressors” are typically defined as children or adolescents who were vertically infected with HIV, but who received no or minimal antiretroviral therapy. We compared 12 asymptomatic HIV-positive children (8 to 12 years) with matched controls on(More)
  • Ori Hay, Gali Dar, Janan Abbas, Dan Stein, Hila May, Youssef Masharawi +3 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND Whether differences exist in male and female lumbar lordosis has been debated by researchers who are divided as to the nature of variations in the spinal curve, their origin, reasoning, and implications from a morphological, functional and evolutionary perspective. Evaluation of the spinal curvature is constructive in understanding the evolution(More)
The Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health is strongly committed to strengthening the integration between services, teaching, and research. Clinicians in each of the Divisions/Focus Areas of the Department (addiction psychiatry/psychology, child and adolescent psychiatry/psychology, consultation-liaison psychiatry/psychology, forensic(More)
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