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Several practical obstacles in data handling and evaluation complicate the use of quantitative localized magnetic resonance spectroscopy (qMRS) in clinical routine MR examinations. To overcome these obstacles, a clinically feasible MR pulse sequence protocol based on standard available MR pulse sequences for qMRS has been implemented along with newly added(More)
Pervasive computing tries to narrow computer devices to the enduser in order to simplify access to his services. This trends currently visible in game online (Xbox live) or with the convergence between phone/internet/numeric television (freebox) is only made available by independent providers that works at defining closed platforms.Opening those “(More)
Autophagy is required for the maintenance of cardiomyocytes homeostasis. However, the abnormal autophagy could lead to the development of heart failure. Autophagy is enhanced during myocardial ischemia/reperfusion; it remains to elucidate the molecular regulation of autophagy. We report here that miR-325, ARC and E2F1 constitute an axis that regulates(More)
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