Dan Stefan Tudose

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Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WS&ANs) are a new technology based on networks of small radio-enabled embedded devices that are being deployed in areas such as environmental monitoring, vehicle tracking, building management, body monitoring and other applications. Power sources for network nodes are often limited, which imposes restrictions on(More)
A Lightweight, Versatile Gateway Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks enable the Internet of Things through their many applications, and as such require multiple, flexible gateway platforms. Gateways in Wireless Sensor Networks are bulky, difficult to use devices requiring special deployment and extra programming effort. We(More)
This paper discusses a scheduling algorithm for the sub-tasks of an application in a Wireless Sensor Network. With the next generation of sensor networks, task-based systems are needed to provide services to entities outside the network. Allocation of tasks on different wireless nodes must take into account energy constraints, compatibility of tasks to a(More)
This study proposes air pollution monitoring system and analysis of pollution data using association rule data mining technique. Association rule data mining technique aims at finding association patterns among various parameters. In this paper, association rule mining is presented for finding association patterns among various air pollutants. For this,(More)
Battery powered wireless sensor nodes (WSN) are rarely efficient from the point of view of life time, development and maintenance cost. In this context, energy harvesting techniques are used more and more, coupled with super capacitors, in order to mitigate the costs and increase the lifetime. This paper presents the results of powering Sparrow v3, a(More)
Wireless sensor networks are a cheap and versatile solution for monitoring various environments. The data gathered by these sensors is often used in research projects and science experiments. It is necessary to ensure that a certain level of security and protection is instated for the transmitted data. Current software security methods implemented on(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a technology which is increasingly implemented in a multitude of data acquisition, data processing, and control applications. A rectifier antenna, or rectenna is a device used to convert radio frequency energy into electrical energy through the use of a rectifier circuit attached directly to a regular antenna. For most(More)
This paper describes the design of energy-efficient wide spectrum mechanisms and protocols to capture context information and employ actuation to close the feedback loop. The project described in this article focuses on harvesting energy from the environment through as many ways as possible, and efficiently using the harvested energy in off-grid buildings,(More)
Salivation is a biologically controlled process that self-regulates and has a crucial purpose in digestion, taste, hygiene and comfort in humans. However, this process can become disrupted, temporary or permanently, leading to a condition called xerostomia. Previous research regarding xerostomia successfully utilized electro-stimulation of the nerves in the(More)