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Body mass index (BMI) and mortality in old adults from the general population have been related in a U-shaped or J-shaped curve. However, limited information is available for elderly nursing home populations, particularly about specific cause of death. A systematic PubMed/EMBASE/CINAHL/SCOPUS search until 31 May 2014 without language restrictions was(More)
An educational history, corroborated by records where available, was obtained on 54 of the 58 adult offspring of 17 bipolar manic-depressives. The offspring were also interviewed and psychiatric status was ascertained. Primary and other affective disorder in the offspring was not associated with a lower IQ or lower ultimate educational attainment than that(More)
The families of 26 married bipolar manic depressives were examined in detail. The rate of affective disorder in their spouses, and the parents and siblings of their spouses, was ascertained. The prevalence of affective disorder among the parents and siblings and of the spouses of age- and social class-matched schizophrenics and well controls was also(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the pregnancy outcomes and services available to adolescent women in Missouri, comparing rural and urban residents. A secondary analysis of a large public use data set obtained from the Missouri Department of Health was done for the 5-year period 1992 to 1996. Data were collected by county, with each of the 114(More)
Fifty-five of the 58 adult offspring of 17 bipolar manic-depressives were studied. Fifty-three were interviewed and some data were available on the two who had committed suicide. A detailed educational history and pregnancy and birth (paranatal) history were obtained and were corroborated by records where available. Thirty-two percent of the offspring met(More)
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