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Scholars of development have learned a great deal about what economic institutions do, but much less about the origins of such arrangements. This essay introduces and assesses a new political explanation for the origins of "developmental states" organizational complexes in which expert and coherent bureaucratic agencies collaborate with organized private(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare demographics, injury characteristics, therapy service and intensity, and outcome in minority versus nonminority patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). DESIGN Retrospective analysis. SETTING Twenty medical centers. PARTICIPANTS Two thousand twenty patients (men, n=1,518; women, n=502; nonminority, n=1,168; minority, n=852)(More)
Do controlled comparisons still have a place in comparative politics? Long criticized by quantitatively oriented methodologists, this canonical approach has increasingly been critiqued by qualitative methodologists who recommend greater focus on within-case analysis and the confinement of causal explanations to particular cases. Such advice accords with a(More)
Indonesia seems perpetually condemned to “live in interesting times,” as the famous Chinese curse goes. The past decade has seen the country attract global notoriety as a land of recurrent economic shocks, ethnic confl icts, terrorist bombings, separatist rebellions, and natural catastrophes. Political authorities have appeared too corrupt and inept to(More)
With both the complexity of motion picture scenery and costs increasing, the motion picture industry is looking for cost effective methods to produce the desired film images. One approach is to inset actors into miniature sets. Maintaining correct perspective relationships between the scene components is critical to the illusion. Magicam has developed a(More)
Malaysia’s general election has produced an obvious and familiar set of winners. The long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), or National Front, romped to what Malaysians colorfully call a “thumping” victory, capturing nearly 90 percent of all parliamentary seats. Within the BN coalition itself, the clear victor was the United Malays National Organization (UMNO),(More)
  • Alberto Simpser, Daniela Donno-Panayides, +16 authors Felicity Vabulas
  • 2008
The monitoring of elections by international groups has become widespread. But can it have unintended negative consequences for domestic politics? We argue that high-quality election monitoring, by preventing certain forms of manipulation such as stuffing ballot boxes, can unwittingly induce incumbents to resort to tactics of election manipulation that are(More)