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Reference threshold sound-pressure levels were established for a new insert earphone, the ER-3A tubephone, and for the TDH-50 earphone. In test-retest comparisons, the tubephone produced estimates of auditory threshold as reliable as the thresholds produced by the supraaural earphone. Reference thresholds were developed for the two earphones from data(More)
The purpose of this research was to determine some of the effects of consonant recognition training on the speech recognition performance of hearing-impaired adults. Two groups of ten subjects each received seven hours of either auditory or visual consonant recognition training, in addition to a standard two-week, group-oriented, inpatient aural(More)
A new method of training auditory-visual speech reception is described and evaluated on an experimental group of 12 hearing-impaired adult patients. The method involves simultaneous, live presentation of the visible and acoustic components of the therapist's speech, where the acoustic signal is degraded under the therapist's control with a voice-activated(More)
This investigation identifies correlates of psychological dimensions in talker similarity. Twenty adult male talkers recorded a monosyllabic word, and 13 acoustic measurements were made from spectrograms of each talker's production. All possible pairs of voices were presented to 11 adult listeners for similarity judgments via a paired-comparison paradigm. A(More)
Optical coherence tomography angiography has recently been used to visualize choroidal neovascularization (CNV) in participants with age-related macular degeneration. Identification and quantification of CNV area is important clinically for disease assessment. An automated algorithm for CNV area detection is presented in this article. It relies on denoising(More)
Three experiments were conducted using the California Consonant Test (CCT). Initially, performance-intensity functions were obtained for both normal hearers, and those with high frequency sensorineural hearing loss. Results demonstrated almost a linear function for both subject groups (approaching asymptote at 50 dB SL) as compared to the typical sigmoidal(More)
Prototypes ground group communication and facilitate decision making. However, overly investing in a single design idea can lead to fixation and impede the collaborative process. Does sharing multiple designs improve collaboration? In a study, participants created advertisements individually and then met with a partner. In the <i>Share Multiple</i>(More)
Phase variance-based motion contrast imaging is demonstrated using a spectral domain optical coherence tomography system for the in vivo human retina. This contrast technique spatially identifies locations of motion within the retina primarily associated with vasculature. Histogram-based noise analysis of the motion contrast images was used to reduce the(More)
Normal hearing subjects, listening to 2 conditions of low-pass, filtered speech, and 2 groups of listeners with sensorineural hearing loss, having audiometric roll-off frequencies analogous to those of the low-pass, filter cut-off frequencies (i.e., 900 and 2000 Hz), were tested with the California Consonant Test (CCT). Analysis or errors based on the three(More)
We have developed Teachable Agent environments that use learning by teaching with metacognitive support to help middle school students learn about complex science topics. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, we have run studies that compare three systems where (i) students are taught by an agent, (ii) students teach a computer agent, and (iii)(More)