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Digital Capitalism: Networking the Global Market System
From the Publisher: Cyberspace not only exemplifies but spearheads the greater political economy of which it has become such a critical part. The networks that comprise cyberspace were originallyExpand
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How to think about information
It\u2019s common wisdom that the U.S. economy has continued to thrive despite the loss of industry because of the booming information sector, with high-paying jobs for everything from wirelessExpand
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Theorizing Communication: A History
This is the first book to offer a detailed intellectual history of communication study over the last century. Schiller looks at the relationship between early communication theory and contextualizingExpand
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Neoliberal Newspeak and Digital Capitalism in Crisis
Changes in the practice of business journalism are a key element in the current financial crisis. The increasing emphasis on features and infotainment at the expense of hard news has distractedExpand
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Telematics and government
This books systematically assesses the role of government in the computerization of U.S. and world society. Part One traces the evolution of postwar policy for domestic telematics--in parallel withExpand
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An Historical Approach to Objectivity and Professionalism in American News Reporting
How these concepts served to legitimize the role of the commercial prese as the “protector of the public good.”
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Social movement in Telecommunications: Rethinking the public service history of US telecommunications 1894-1919
Between 1894 and 1919 the U.S. telecommunications industry underwent a fundamental policy shift, from unprecedented private competition to regulated monopoly. This metamorphosis expressed not anExpand
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Power Under Pressure: Digital Capitalism In Crisis
Massive and sustained corporate investment around ICTs developed in response to the economic downturn of the 1970s, within a multifaceted attempt to renew profitable growth. Five core components ofExpand
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