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An approach is presented that uses velocimetry data to estimate accurately the spatial distribution of viscosity in steady laminar parallel flows of incompressible linearly viscous fluids. The approach is generally applicable to Newtonian fluids with spatially varying viscosity or to particle-suspension flows where a non-uniform distribution of the(More)
a Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-1135, USA b McCall Outdoor Science School, University of Idaho, McCall, ID 83638, USA c University of New Mexico, Biology Department, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001, USA d Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center, PO Box 370, Pendleton, OR 97801, USA e RapidEye AG,(More)
By accounting for spatial variation in soil N levels, variable-rate fertilizer application may improve crop yield and quality, and N use efficiency within fields. The main purpose of this study was to demonstrate how site-specific wheat yield and protein data, and a geographic information system may be used in developing precision N-recommendations for(More)
Active ground optical remote sensing (AGORS) devices mounted on overhead irrigation booms could help to improve seedling quality by autonomously monitoring seedling stress. In contrast to traditionally used passive optical sensors, AGORS devices operate independently of ambient light conditions and do not require spectral reference readings. Besides(More)
Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) fields in the semi-arid Northern Great Plains are spatially variable in soil N fertility and crop productivity. Consequently, there is interest in applying variable, rather than uniform rates of fertilizer N across the landscape. Intensive soil sampling as a basis for variable-rate fertilizer management is too costly when(More)
Published in Agron. J. 105:1529–1535 (2013) doi:10.2134/agronj2013.0206 Available freely online through the author-supported open access option. Copyright © 2013 by the American Society of Agronomy, 5585 Guilford Road, Madison, WI 53711. All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic(More)
This report addresses the development of dryland oilseed crops to provide feedstock for production of biofuels in semi-arid portions of the northwestern USA. Bioenergy feedstocks derived from Brassica oilseed crops have been considered for production of hydrotreated renewable jet fuel, but crop growth and yields in the northwestern region are limited by a(More)
A three-dimensional analysis is presented of the Stokes flow, adjacent to a Brinkman half-space, that is induced or altered by the presence of a sphere in the flow field that (a) translates uniformly without rotating, (b) rotates uniformly without translating, or (c) is fixed in a shear flow that is uniform in the far field. The linear superposition of(More)