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AIMS The pharmacokinetic (PK) similarity between PF-05280014, a proposed trastuzumab biosimilar, trastuzumab sourced from European Union (trastuzumab-EU) or from United States (trastuzumab-US) was evaluated. Safety and immunogenicity were also assessed. METHODS In this phase 1, double-blind trial (NCT01603264), 105 healthy male volunteers were randomized(More)
To evaluate the effect of a potent cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) inhibitor, ketoconazole, and separately the effect of food on PF-04449913 pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers. This was an open-label, two-sequence, three-period, three-treatment, single-dose, crossover study. Subjects were randomized to receive single doses of 200 mg PF-04449913 after an(More)
171 Background: PF-05280014, a proposed biosimilar to trastuzumab, has an identical amino acid sequence and similar physicochemical and in vitro functional properties to trastuzumab. This study was designed to demonstrate PK similarity of PF-05280014 to trastuzumab from the US (trastuzumab-US) and EU (trastuzumab-EU), and between the licensed drugs. Safety(More)
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