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NF␬B is a critical transcription factor involved in modulating cellular responses to environmental injuries. Tyrosine 42 phosphorylation of I␬B␣ has been shown to mediate NF␬B activation following hypoxia/ reoxygenation (H/R) or pervanadate treatment. This pathway differs from the canonical proinflammatory pathways, which mediate NF␬B activation through(More)
Smith for their expert preparation of the data and Maria Cancian, Elizabeth Evanson, and Dawn Duren for their comments and assistance with this manuscript. Executive Summary The Caretaker Supplement (CTS) provides a cash benefit to parents who are receiving SSI payments and raising minor children in the State of Wisconsin. It is a relatively new program(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank several sponsors while holding all of these organizations harmless from the conclusions and analyses presented in this paper. We thank the U.S. for assistance with data analysis and model construction; to Chelsea Zenger for research assistance; and to Rozalynn Klaas of the Applied Population Laboratory for assistance with(More)
Distributed Shared-Memory (DSM) computers, which partition physical memory among a collection of workstation-like computing nodes, are emerging as the way to implement parallel computers, as they promise scalability and high performance. Shared-memory DSM machines use a coherence protocol to manage the replication of data and to ensure that a parallel(More)
Dante is a tethered walking robot capable of climbing steep slopes. In 1992 it was created at Carnegie Mellon University and deployed in Antarctica to explore an active volcano, Mount Erebus. The Dante project's robot science objectives were to demonstrate a real exploration mission, rough terrain locomotion, environmental survival, and self-sustained(More)
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