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We use a real options approach to evaluate the performance of proxy variables for a firm’s investment opportunity set. The results show that on a relative scale, the market-to-book assets ratio outperforms all other proxy variables that we investigate. It has the highest information content with respect to investment opportunities, and it is least affected(More)
John Knopf, Michael Rebello, Dan Rogers, Steve Smith, and John Thorton. We have further benefited from the comments of the anonymous reviewers. We also gratefully acknowledge the contribution of I/B/E/S Inc. in providing earnings per share forecast data as part of a broad program to encourage research on earnings expectations. *Correspondence author,(More)
  • Jure Skarabot, Alexander Batchvarov, +8 authors Nancy Wallace
  • 2001
The process of asset securitization is a new and innovative financing method used for funding and risk management purposes. Evolved over the last few decades, securitization represents a substantial and established part of US and global capital markets. In addition to its importance as a financial and asset restructuring tool, securitization originated(More)
Unscheduled stock options to target CEOs are a non-trivial phenomenon during private merger negotiations. In 920 acquisition bids during 1999-2007, over 13% of targets grant them. These options substitute for golden parachutes and compensate target CEOs for benefits they forfeit because of the merger. Targets granting unscheduled options are more likely to(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening may reduce death due to prostate cancer but leads to the overdiagnosis of many cases of indolent cancer. Targeted use of PSA screening may reduce overdiagnosis. Multimarker genomic testing shows promise for risk assessment and could be used to target PSA screening. METHODS To test whether counseling(More)
Atmospheric nitrous oxide N20 concentrations have been rising steadily for the past century as a result of human activities. In particular, human perturbation of the nitrogen cycle has increased the N2 0 production rates of the two major sources of this greenhouse gas, soil and the ocean. Nitrification, and particularly ammonia oxidation, is one of the(More)
PURPOSE We report the anesthetic management for a scheduled Cesarean section of a 29-yr-old female who previously had a repair of her dissecting thoracic aortic aneurysm during the 14th week of her pregnancy. CLINICAL FEATURES A 29-yr-old female with a history of hypertension and previously diagnosed aortic dissection secondary to suspected Marfan's(More)
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