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Accurately segmenting objects in video is a difficult and time consuming process in modern post-production houses. Automatic systems may work for a small number of frames, but will typically fail over longer video shots. This work proposes a semi-automatic, feature-based system to perform object segmentation over longer sequences. The user manually extracts(More)
Feature matching is a vital stage in many image processing applications. Finding accurate correspondences is made difficult by phenomena such as occlusions, non-rigid deformations, motion blur and more. We posit that some scenarios do not have enough information for an accurate automatic solution. Although many applications are required to be automatic,(More)
Large motion displacements in image sequences are still a problem for most motion estimation techniques. Progress in feature matching allows to establish robust correspondences between images for a sparse set of points. Recent works have attempted to use this sparse information to guide the dense motion field estimation. We propose to achieve this in an(More)
Automatic record and review of actions in sports training sessions is of great benefit to both coach and athlete. Many coaching sessions involve repetition of particular actions to hone technique, such as a swing from a tennis racket, golf club, or cricket bat. These actions can be defined by unique motion signatures. A method is proposed to parse the(More)
A fault tolerant multivariable control system for a military turbofan engine has been developed at Volvo Aero Corporation in cooperation with University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla. Nonlinear multivariable controllers designed as scheduled linear H∞-controllers is used for engine control and the system is designed with multiple control modes to be able to get(More)
This thesis considers a robust gain scheduling controller deign method. The gain scheduling technique is one of the most popular controller design methods in practice. However, there is a lack of theoretical results relating stability and performance to the closed loop. Here, so called parameter varying systems (LPV) are investigated and in particular their(More)
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