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Due to its potential for commercial applications, wood modification with furfuryl alcohol (FA) is now attracting enhanced attentions from researchers and industry. Selection of suitable catalysts to control the polymerization of FA during storage and curing is the most crucial component of this technology. In this paper, a new composite acidic catalyst(More)
On 12 May, 2008, a devastating earthquake registering 8.0 on the Richter scale occurred in Sichuan Province, China, taking tens of thousands of lives and destroying the homes of millions of people. Many of the deceased were children, particular children less than five years old who were more vulnerable to such a huge disaster than the adult. In order to(More)
The main result of this article states that one can get as many as D + 1 modes from just a two component normal mixture in D dimensions. Multivariate mixture models are widely used for modeling homogeneous populations and for cluster analysis. Either the components directly or modes arising from these components are often used to extract individual(More)
BACKGROUND Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are not always well reported, especially in terms of their methodological descriptions. This study aimed to investigate the adherence of methodological reporting complying with CONSORT and explore associated trial level variables in the Chinese nursing care field. METHODS In June 2012, we identified RCTs(More)
The mechanical response of bamboo fibers to variation in moisture content (MC) has a direct influence on the performance of bamboo fiber-based products, both during their processing and final practical applications. However, due to the experimental difficulties involved in testing, this fundamental process remains poorly understood. In this paper,(More)
It is well known that mechanical performances of bamboos are significantly affected by moisture content (MC) and specific density. However, until now, no published studies have attempted to combine these two factors into one predictive model. In this paper, a two-variable model for predicting the combined effects of MC and specific density on compressive(More)
OBJECTIVES Considering equity into guidelines presents methodological challenges. This study aims to qualitatively synthesise the methods for incorporating equity in clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). SETTING Content analysis of methodological publications. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR SELECTING STUDIES Methodological publications were included if they(More)
A Bayesian geostatistical model was used to identify factors related to topographical variation in the analysis of mortality risk for children less than 5 years of age in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in the People's Republic of China. Epidemiological data from a standardized survey were available from 115 locations across the study area. Physical and(More)
For the purpose of ventilation, cooling, and human-computer interaction, the apertures must be added on the enclosure. However, these apertures break the integrity of the enclosure and are considered to be the main reason for electromagnetic energy leakage, which directly influence the shielding effectiveness (SE) of the enclosure. The transmissionline(More)
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