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This paper provides an overview of the papers that have been presented at the European Conference on IT Evaluation during the past eleven years. It considers the main issues, and learning themes addressed in papers presented to these Conferences. The paper also reflects on the possible future direction, which this research may take and three major research(More)
In May 2003 an article by the former editor of the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Nicholas Carr, in HBR, suggested that IT was no longer a strategic concern for management and that investments in IT should, in future, be restricted to the routine. Carr's thesis has been widely debated, not least in the context of IT value in general and its strategic value(More)
While the productivity paradox has now been officially pronounced dead, the argument and the evidence for this assertion are both at a macroeconomic level. What has been less closely examined is the microeconomic impact of recent developments in ICT on the productivity of office and knowledge workers. There is an assumption, readily seen in many(More)