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The Denial and the Depression scales of the MMPI and Rotter's Locus of Control scale were administered to 26 men with locomotor disabilities and to 44 nondisabled men. Among the disabled, brain-damaged scored higher in the Denial scale than the non-brain-damaged disabled, but not higher than the nondisabled Ss. A fairly high correlation was found between(More)
Analysis of gene expression patterns in normal tissues and their perturbations in tumours can help to identify the functional roles of oncogenes or tumour suppressors and identify potential new therapeutic targets. Here, gene expression correlation networks were derived from 92 normal human lung samples and patient-matched adenocarcinomas. The networks from(More)
Polymorphisms and somatic mutations in Flap Endonuclease 1 (FEN1), an essential enzyme involved in DNA replication and repair, can lead to functional deficiencies of the FEN1 protein and a predisposition to cancer. We identified a FEN1 germline mutation that changed residue E359 to K in a patient whose family had a history of breast cancer. We determined(More)
The natural compound triptolide has been shown to decrease cell proliferation and induce apoptosis and cellular senescence. We previously demonstrated that triptolide decreases tumor formation and metastasis of human non-small cell lung cancer cells (NSCLC). Due to the toxicity of triptolide, derivatives of the natural compound have been developed that show(More)
The surgical treatment of lung malignancies often results in persistent symptoms, psychosocial distress, and decrements in quality of life (QOL) for cancer patients and their family caregivers (FCGs). The potential benefits of providing patients and FCGs with preparatory education that begins in the preoperative setting have been explored in multiple(More)
  • Giannis Koukoutsidis, Francesco De, Pellegrini Authors, M Aezladen, S Alouf, E Borgia +17 others
  • 2008
SUMMARY This document describes networking solutions that meet the demands of services in a BIONETS environment. The solutions proposed are distinguished by three main characteristics: autonomic-ity, in the sense that they are independent of specific system entities, adaptation and evolution, meaning that they are able to adapt to the environment, learn and(More)
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