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To determine if listeners can accurately identify various environmental sounds, a total of 40 sounds, including animal, inanimate, musical, and human sounds, were recorded, randomly arranged on a master tape, and presented to 30 judges for identification. Analysis indicated that, in general, listeners can accurately identify environmental sounds. However,(More)
The boundary conditions on the faces of compressional fractures are not known a priori since these faces may or may not be in contact, but the product of the normal stress and the normal relative displacement is necessarily null; similar but more complex conditions may be written for the shear stress and displacement. These conditions can be expressed in(More)
Correlated ultrafast photoconductive and absorptive response in WSe 2 show interlayer charge transfer determines device efficiency " in prep. (2015) " Tunable optical excitations in twisted bilayer graphene form strongly bound excitons " Nano Letters, 15, 5032 (2013) " Transient absorption and photocurrent microscopy show hot electron supercollisions(More)
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